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    Future development trend of food packaging
    Article source: Bo Chuang intelligenceViews: Release time:2021-03-09 13:34
    1、 With the increasing importance of packaging as a marketing tool, the current food packaging presents the following development trend.
    (1) A large number of new packaging technologies and materials have emerged. Due to the increasingly fierce market competition, manufacturers all over the world have strengthened sales promotion activities and actively developed new packaging technologies and materials. Packaging technology innovation has become a prominent feature of the current product packaging development. The consumption behavior of computer in the field of packaging has been improved. It is necessary to save energy and protect the ecological environment. With the rapid development of food industry, the technical requirements of food packaging products are also increasing. People are trying to find the relationship between food packaging and food, practical, beautiful, safe at the same time, they are constantly looking for and eliminating unsafe factors, and constantly strengthening inspection and supervision. As an external part of food, food packaging has the following characteristics: first, it is inedible; second, it protects food; third, it has a certain impact on food. Among them, consumers pay more attention to the influence of sensory characteristics, physical and chemical properties and health status of food. Whether the packaging box can be properly handled in the end should become the focus of food marketing and even the whole society. Smart food companies focus on positive packaging. Widely used, the use of computer-controlled packaging technology and packaging economic activities has become a common feature of modern packaging development. Such as re sealing packaging, inflatable packaging, flexible packaging full sealing technology is widely promoted. Due to the rapid development of material industry, there are many new packaging materials, such as microwave oven special packaging, cooking packaging, (polyester) bottles and other new composite materials, as well as packaging materials with high compression resistance, barrier, heat sealing, gas barrier and other high performance.
    (2) Pay more attention to the human factor in sales packaging. Due to the needs of product sales, sales packaging pays more attention to human factors. First of all, it emphasizes that it is easy to display, display, carry and use. At the same time, it pays attention to the different consumption habits and consumption psychology of consumers. For example, when the European fashion returns to the natural fashion, the raw materials of commodity packaging will use natural materials, which makes the packaging color and composition tend to be natural; secondly, it pays attention to the health and safety of consumers. For example, food packaging is required to strictly comply with the health standards, and the same amount of one-time packaging is used to ensure the health and safety of drug use; in order to extend the degree and time of food preservation, aseptic packaging and ventilation packaging are actively developed; third, food packaging tends to be standardized. In order to adapt to the modernization of sales technology and the development of supermarkets, self-service stores and other new retail enterprises, packaging standardization has become an important feature of food packaging development. Packaging standardization includes packaging material standardization, packaging technology standardization, packaging test standardization, packaging strength and specification standardization, as well as packaging mark standardization, such as the promotion and implementation of bar code. International and domestic organizations have been set up to implement packaging standardization, such as the international organization for standardization and China's State Bureau of technical supervision. Fourth, the role of packaging and design as brand tools has been strengthened. As the food brand plays an increasingly important role in sales, especially the development of supermarket and other self-service sales, the brand has an important influence on consumer behavior. As the carrier of food information, sales packaging has the function of transmitting product information and publicizing products, which makes product packaging and decoration design have a visual impact on customers and attract customers' attention To deepen the brand impression, improve customer desire and other aspects, has had an unprecedented impact. As a result, such as supporting packaging, series packaging, complimentary packaging, transparent packaging and other new packaging design strategies aimed at improving brand attractiveness also emerge as the times require.
    2、 Environmental problems of food packaging. With the rapid development of food packaging, people pay more and more attention to the environmental problems caused by packaging. Because the use of packaging materials takes up a lot of material, or the packaging materials pollute the natural environment or damage human health, so the green packaging has become an important part of green marketing. The main environmental problems involved in product packaging are as follows:
    (1) The increase of packaging waste has seriously polluted the environment. Due to the extensive use of packaging materials, waste increases. According to statistics, packaging waste in OECD countries accounts for almost one third of all municipal solid waste every year. The increase of packaging waste makes its treatment a big problem. In particular, some difficult to handle packaging materials make the environment seriously polluted. For example, when chemical synthetic materials are burned as waste, they will pollute the atmosphere. If polystyrene packaging is buried underground, it will not decompose after many years. Because it is difficult to deal with it, it has become a famous white pollution.
    (2) Packaging materials consume a lot of resources. The use of packaging materials consumes a lot of resources, even some scarce resources. According to statistics, the energy consumption due to the production and use of packaging accounts for about 5% of the total energy consumption in developed countries. The increasing use of packaging materials consumes a lot of metal, wood and other resources of the earth. It can be seen that the earth's resources are increasingly scarce, and packaging is also responsible.
    (3) The environmental problems of packaging container structure. There are also sharp environmental criticisms in the structure of packaging containers, such as lead solder cans, which may lead to contamination of food lead. The propellants used in spray containers will destroy the ozone layer; the lid of containers for chemicals (dangerous goods, detergents, insecticides, etc.) is not safe and can cause children to drink by mistake; in order to make products easier to attract consumers' attention. The use of too large packaging containers or unnecessary multi-level excessive packaging, resulting in the waste of materials and increased consumer spending.
    (4) Improper packaging design and labeling has affected the social environment and market environment. Product packaging design labeling is one aspect of environmental problems. For example, the infringement of intellectual property rights such as counterfeit patterns, trademarks and models in the design of packaging patterns occurs frequently; the deceptive propaganda with false labels (including product name, nutritional ingredients, origin, production date and expiration date, etc.) occurs frequently; the design of packaging patterns of export products offends the religions, customs, customs and taboos of importing countries, It often causes disputes.

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